Bob Lyon(non-registered)
Jeff, I haven't been online much and wanted to get to see your web page. Your work is incredible! Godspeed in your future endeavors! What a great webpage to show demonstrate your skills! It was great to see you out on Short-eared owls!
Jeff, so enjoy all your photos and appreciate that you share them with others. Can see your passion in each one.
John Wanat(non-registered)
"A wonderful site. Fantastic photos.Keep up the great work.." -:)
Harry Grohall(non-registered)
Website looks great. I like the variety of animals and flowers. A little something for everyone.
Hello Jeff. It's obvious that you love nature, you present it in your photos in a very sophisticated way. Best light fot you :-)
Hi Jeff, followed through on your request...take a look at my Website and new Facebook page (which is just being developed piece by piece) and not yet completed. If you have any questions email me.
You are such a great wildlife photographer...I personally would encourage you to looking into having someone do the "work" behind a really cool website. I highly recommend:
Jothi Nedungadi
Competitive InfoSearch
p: 920.734.8179 | c: 920.540.1104 | f: 501.635.9848
Beth Hoppe(non-registered)
Wow Jeff! You really have an awesome eye for photography! It would be hard to pick a favorite! Best of luck to you as you move forward. Thanks for sharing with me, I enjoyed my "tour" through your website!
Tom Winslow(non-registered)
Nice job Jeff !!!!!! Keep it up.
Larry Williams(non-registered)
Hello Jeff,
I have viewed your photos on 500px. You have shared some impressive work. I lived in Wisconsin for 25 years, built a home in Door County, and moved back to Illinois some 10 years ago. If you ever want an chance at shooting eagles in the winter, just let me know. You can view some of my eagle shots at
Good shooting,
Mike Johnson(non-registered)
Came by and checked out the site. Very nice Jeff. I was wondering if you had your own website, I have seen your postings on other sites but this was my first visit to your site. Looking forward to meeting you.
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